2022 Interior Design Trends

January 7, 2022

New year, new opportunity to redecorate! True décor junkies are never done with their home, constantly looking for ways to refresh and elevate their favorite spaces. Whether you’re ready for a change of pace or looking to enhance what you already have, check out our top 2022 interior design trends!

Shoreline Park City Utah Kitchen

Cocoa Chic

Designers are over the light grey, dark grey, and any shade of grey everywhere they turn. Warm, rich tones like chocolate or mahogany browns are big this year! From decorative pieces like throw pillows and blankets to kitchen cabinets and built-ins, embrace welcoming warm tones in 2022 by adding chocolate shades to your space.


The phrase “less is more” is great when it comes to enjoying leftover holiday cookies, but no longer applies to trending interiors. Rich color palettes with layers of colors and complimentary patterns add a fun and fresh feel to any space. If you’re hesitant to embrace floral and stripes together, consider layering with different textures – mohair, faux fur, velvet and leather – to capture this trend in your home.

Home decor items on a side table

Modern Meets Antique

On the coattails of the mid-century modern trend comes a renewed appreciation for antique and vintage décor. Mixing antique with modern furniture customizes your home to be uniquely yours. It also provides the perfect opportunity to shop small, supporting local craftsman and antique shops to find that perfect piece. Bonus: Antique furniture is often made with real, solid wood, sometimes outlasting modern furnishings!

Durable Details

Enjoy the best of both worlds when your home design and decor is beautiful yet functional. With décor items like rugs that can be cleaned in your home washer, wallpaper and paint that can be wiped with a wet towel and more – homeowners are having to choose between durability and design less and less. We’ll see this continue to be embraced by manufacturers in 2022, allowing for every element of your home to have the best of both worlds.

With select Shoreline homes having cocoa cabinets and design that embraces the durability needed for an active lifestyle, it’s almost as if we’re ahead of the trends. Explore our community and book a virtual tour now at www.shorelineparkcity.com/.