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Living Designed Well

Yep, you guessed it. We build stuff. Homes, mostly. And we like doing it. We like it for the same reasons that  you like stuff.  It’s exciting (for us anyway). And buying a new home is an exciting step for most people. It usually marks the start of a new chapter in your life and we feel lucky we get to share in that excitement.

Whether it’s your first home, second home, vacation home, condo, townhome, apartment or final home, we bring our teams’ experience of 25+ years to make it a home worthy to hold your future memories. We do our best to focus on what makes your life convenient, exciting, relaxing, happy, fulfilling, and simply enjoyable. Then, we design it into homes we build.

Some homebuilders want to be the biggest, or to build the most houses the fastest. Not us. When designing a new community we like to take our time and give it our full attention to ensure that we build homes and communities that will last and last (…and last … and last … and last). That’s our credo: innovative homes and enduring communities. In other words … living designed well.

Past Communities

Park's Edge
Rustler at Hideout

Warranty Request

*If this is urgent (i.e. no heat in the winter, or interruption in electricity or water, etc…), please refer to your homeowner manual and call the emergency contact numbers, utility provider or fire department directly as warranted.

New Homeowners

Approximately 90-days post-closing you will receive an email reminder to schedule your first post-closing walk-through. Please keep a list of any non-emergency concerns to review with the construction representative during your walk-through. We will also review home maintenance procedures during that appointment. We will complete as much of the warranty work as possible during the appointment. If specialty work is required, or something needs to be ordered, we will schedule a follow-up appointment during our visit. A final post-closing walk-through will be scheduled near the end of the first year.

Quality Builders Warranty

GCD Communities has received the Builder of Integrity Award from Quality Builder Warranty for their commitment to excellence in customer service and quality construction. As a member of this exclusive program, GCD continues to be committed to professionalism, ethical practice and financial stability.

2020 | Builder of Integrity Award

2019 | Builder of Integrity Award

2018 | Builder of Integrity Award

2017 | 10 Year Achievement Award

2016 | Builder of Integrity Award

2013 | Builder of Integrity Award

Model Home Hours

Monday – Saturday
11 am to 6 pm
Other times by appointment.

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