4 Steps to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

November 8, 2019


While the holidays are nonstop fun – family time, baked goods, fresh snow and more. But the holidays can also create extra clutter and a never-ending to-do list. To make the holidays easier, try these 4 easy steps to prepare!

Get Ahead on Cleaning

As the holidays take up much of our time, some things fall off the bottom of your to-do list – especially cleaning spaces that usually get neglected. Spread your chores out and clean curtains, windows, carpets and walls over the course of the next few weeks. By the time the holiday season arrives, these bigger projects become one less thing to worry about.

Prepare Common Spaces

The kitchen and living space – especially if you have an open floor plan like our Shoreline homes – are heavily trafficked during the holidays. Clean out cluttered kitchen drawers, wipe down fridge and deep clean appliances now. You’ll be glad to have a kitchen that works efficiently when you need it to the most. To prepare the living room, wash throw blankets and pillows to freshen up the space.

Add a Festive Touch

You don’t need to add lots of new items to decorate your home for the holidays. Adding a festive touch can be as simple as swapping out a throw blanket, switching out candles, linens, and other decorative items. Planning the décor thoughtfully will keep your home from getting cluttered, and you from getting behind.

Prepare for Guests

Stock up on the essentials like extra toiletries in the guest bathroom, bath soaps and fresh linens. To keep the holiday spirit going, decorate the guest room! You can even get ahead on decoration for the guest room. Even before December, prepare it for the holidays early and just close the door.

With a little planning ahead, you can spend more holiday time with the people and messages that matter most. Shoreline homes are built with integrity, by a builder who focuses on the details, so you don’t have to. To learn if this award-winning community is right for you, reach out to a representative at http://shorelineparkcity.com/

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