4 Sustainable Gardening Tips

May 7, 2024

If it’s your first time gardening in Park City’s unique climate and you are wondering if a few planters will add a nice touch on your patio or deck. A few sustainable gardening tips can go a long way. After all, isn’t always cut and dry (though it is dry). To succeed here, you’ll need a thoughtful approach that takes the region’s arid conditions and varying temperatures into account. Start with these four tips — they’ll help you cultivate your planters while minimizing your environmental impact.

Park City gardening

Tip #1: Choose Native Plants

One of the best ways to ensure success in Park City’s climate is to select plants that are native to the area. Native plants have adapted to the local conditions over time, making them more resilient to temperature fluctuations and water scarcity. Look for species like sagebrush, yarrow, and Rocky Mountain penstemon.

Tip #2: Practice Water Conservation

Water conservation is crucial in Park City’s semi-arid climate. Techniques like drip irrigation systems and mulching can minimize water loss through evaporation, and ensure that your plants receive the moisture they need without excessive waste.

Tip #3: Embrace Composting

Composting is a great way to reduce waste while nourishing your garden’s soil. Collect those extra kitchen scraps and yard waste — they’ll help you create nutrient-rich compost that improves soil structure and fertility, which means healthier plants. Plus, composting diverts organic matter from landfills. This reduces methane emissions.

Tip #4: Implement Sustainable Pest Management

Pests can be a challenge in any garden, of course. To keep that pristine Park City air the way everyone likes it, make sure your pest management practices are sustainable. Instead of relying on chemical pesticides, for example, try natural alternatives like ladybugs and lacewings, or use organic pest deterrents like neem oil and garlic spray.

A Place to Appreciate Nature

Shoreline homes not only give you a beautiful view of the mountains and lake, but 60% of our low-density community is dedicated to open space. Indeed, being this close to Park City’s nature is a gift that keeps giving back all year long.

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