5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Leap Day (Plus a Leap Day Surprise)

February 7, 2020


It’s a leap year! That means you’ve been given an extra day in 2020 to use however you like. To maximize your extra time, we put together our favorite ways to celebrate Leap Day.

1 – Take a Leap of Faith and Try Something New

February 29 is the perfect day to try something you’ve always wanted to do. Why not put yourself out there and take a dance class? Or try a recipe from that beautiful-but-intimidating cookbook you got over the holidays? Other great Leap Day leaps of faith could be learning to play a new sport, reading a biography of someone you’ve never heard of before, or even watching a documentary on a new issue.

2 – Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Four years from now, when the next Leap Day comes around, everything in your life could be different. Take a minute to write a letter to your future self about your wishes, hopes and dreams. Remind yourself of the little things you might forget by then, like your 3-year old’s favorite word or the funniest moment from the past year. Think of this as a 2020 time capsule for your future self.

3 – Throw a Party

Leap Day is the perfect excuse to throw a party! If you have little ones you might throw a frog-themed party, complete with leaping contests and tasty themed treats. Go all out and host a lux dinner party, just for fun. If you’re feeling a little more casual, why not invite your friends over to watch the movie Leap Year? Whatever theme you choose, your Shoreline townhome is the perfect space to entertain family and friends.

4 – Give Back to Your Community

Why not use your free day to volunteer? While nonprofits and community organizations typically see a swell in donations and volunteers during the holidays, things tend to slow down starting in February, which means Leap Day is perfectly timed to provide your favorite organization with a little boost. Head to an animal shelter to walk some dogs (or maybe adopt one, you never know), volunteer to serve meals at a shelter, or help pack up boxes at a food pantry.

5 – Start a Leap Day Collection

Bring home the start of a new collection, and then add to it every Leap Day. Over time you’ll develop a collection of Leap Day pieces with a unique story. You can collect anything from antique figurines to vintage skiing postcards, it’s up to you. This is a perfect opportunity to bring home that coffee table book or silver bowl you’ve had your eye on.

And One Extra – Jump on Track to Reach Your Goals

It wouldn’t be a post about Leap Day without a little extra something! Leap Day is the perfect opportunity to evaluate your personal long-term goals. Schedule time to dive into not only where you are now, but where you want to be financially, professionally, and personally in four years. Is your main goal buying a new home? Do you want to free up funds to be able to invest in a vacation home? Map out a savings plan to make it a reality by next Leap Day.

Shoreline has everything you need to feel right at home this Leap Day. Whether it’s a vacation home or a permanent home, contact us today for more information on how you can be the proud owner of your own Shoreline home.

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