5 Must Do’s When You Move into Your New Home

July 8, 2022


When it comes to moving into a new place, the work that goes into it is more than packing and unpacking boxes. The real work begins when you step into your new home. These small steps and tiny adjustments can create a big impact on the formation of your space and also on your wellbeing!

Here are 5 must-dos to do in the first few months of owning your new home:

Paint Your Walls

Though painting can be time-consuming, it’s best to do this before you begin laying out the foundation of your space. Changing the color of a room can quickly transform it, along with how you feel when you are in it. Begin to create the home you envision by starting with color combinations and styles that represent you.

Register Your Appliances

Register your new appliances and tools with the manufacturer. Not only will you feel accomplished in getting this detail squared away in just minutes, but you’ll open yourself up to updates and notices as they relate to recalls and recalls as they will go straight to your email.

Get Connected

Moving into a new home can sometimes feel like starting a new school in the middle of the school year. It can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Start by introducing yourself to your close neighbors – knock on the door for a quick hello, or drop off a letter with a small treat.

You can also stay looped in with opportunities to engage and connect through your community’s social platform or newsletter.

Get Your Garden and Plants Up

We’ve shared the power of plants and the many benefits it has to your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Whether it’s a mini kitchen herb garden, back porch garden, or a plant oasis, having plants can instantly lift your mood and space.

Child + Pet Proof Your Home

Our children and pets are just as excited as we are about moving into a new home. While you are thinking about moving logistics and prepping your new home, they are busy thinking about exploring it! From outlet covers and stair gates for the kids to pee pads and child-proof latches on low cabinets – there are easy things you can do to ensure the safety of children and pets in a new space.

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