5 Places to See Fresh Blooms in Northern Utah this Spring

May 10, 2019


Northern Utah is home to some of nature’s greatest accomplishments, from vast mountain ranges, dense alpine forests, breathtaking sunsets, and of course – wildflowers. Wildflowers bloom from early May all the way until September, providing endless opportunity to see fresh blooms. Keep reading to find the best places to see spring blooms in Northern Utah.

cherry blossoms in park city

Cherry Blossoms at the Utah State Capital

A blog post about Spring Blooms in Utah wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the 433 Yoshino Cherry trees surrounding the Utah State Capitol. These pale pink blossoms signal the beginning of spring in the Beehive state and mark the first blooms of the year.  The best way to enjoy these flowers are to take a stroll along the 0.7mile long Memorial Walkway.

bluebell flowers in the mountains of park city utah

The Wasatch Mountains

A little bit east of Salt Lake City, these mountains range in elevation and plant zones, producing highly diverse groups of wildflowers. Including Mountain Bluebell, Indian paintbrush, Lewis’ Monkeyflower and Monument Green Gentian, the landscape offers plenty of drives and hikes in warmer weather. With the eastern slopes of the Wasatch Mountains reaching only 5,900 feet, wildflower blooms are visible in the spring.

 Uinta Wilderness / Kamas: 30 Minutes from Park City

 The Uinta Wilderness contains more than 800 acres of beautiful mountain wilderness chock full of rushing streams and blooming flowers of spring. At the foothills is the town of Kamas, just 30 minutes east of Park City. At 6,000 feet, wildflowers bloom in late spring/early summer. This area hosts some of the best single-track mountain biking trails in the state, perfect for immersing yourself in the tall trees and fresh flowers.

spring wildflowers in utah mountains

Guardsman Pass

At a starting elevation of 9,800 feet, taking a driving tour of this diverse landscape later in the summer takes you through endless colorful blooms. At the beginning of the drive, look out for blue Wasatch penstemon and Jacob’s ladder. In land recently destroyed by fire or otherwise disturbed, enjoy pink fireweed. On western-facing slopes, wild roses and red and orange Indian paintbrush are visible. Lastly, in the driest areas look for the yellow stonecrop, a native sedum that thrives in drier sites.

Brighton Basin

If you continue down Guardsman Pass from Park City, you’ll find yourself in Brighton Basin, known for its diverse climate from near desert to alpine forests. Each landscape comes with beautiful wildflowers and spring blooms. For extra scenery, take the short drive on the U-152 between Brighton Basin and the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. The drive to the top of the canyon boasts an alpine grandeur that few areas close to major cities have anywhere.

While higher altitudes don’t bloom until later in the summer, lower elevation can offer fresh blooms as early as May, leaving plenty of time for you and your family to enjoy the colorful, diverse Utah landscapes of spring and summer.

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