5 Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

June 7, 2019


Sustainability is more than a trend or cost-saving strategy. When our communities are sustainable, we protect the stunning landscape in which our homes are found. If you’re looking to make your practices at home even more sustainable, here are five easy ways:

Native Landscaping

When designing your homes landscaping, use native and local plant life. Not only does it help your home embrace the environment you live in, they’ll be easy to take care of and most likely require less water. Bonus Tip: Plant native trees especially. When they grow big and tall, they’ll create shade around your home, lowering air conditioning bills. When they lose their leaves in the winter, they’ll let in sunlight to heat your home!

Minimize Waste & Recycle

The United States is the number one trash-producing country in the world. Despite this, individual acts can go a long way in making a difference. Make sure your home minimizes waste where it can, through repairing items so they aren’t just thrown away, and purchasing reusable produce and grocery bags at the store so plastic ones don’t add up in your home. Keep two bins in your kitchen; one for trash and one for recyclables.

Backyard Composting

Backyard composting is one of the easiest things to do to make your home more sustainable. Get started by layering what’s already found in your yard: dead leaves and grass trimmings. Over time, add vegetables left over from cooking, coffee grounds and eggshells. Turn it occasionally to add air. Eventually, you’ll have rich, nutrient-filled soil, perfect for gardening.

Nontoxic Cleaners

In 2019, there’s more natural cleaners on the market that ever before. Unfortunately, natural cleaners often have synthetic fragrances that end up in your water supply. There are also countless DIY recipes to make your own at home. For example, the acid in white vinegar makes it naturally capable of killing mold and bacteria, making it perfect for cleaning countertops and windows. Baking Soda is great for deodorizing, and lemon juice also kills bacteria. Cleaning your home naturally has never been easier.

Upgrade Your Appliances

The biggest users of energy in your home are probably your appliances. If it’s time for an upgrade, invest in energy efficient ones with smarter designs. For the laundry room, look for front-loading washers that use less detergent and water than top-loading ones. For the kitchen, look for energy efficient refrigerators and dishwashers.

At Shoreline, all homes are made sustainably. With energy efficient walls, lighting, and more, our neighborhood works to lessen its impact in one of the most beautiful places in the world – our home, Utah. If you’re interested in checking out our energy-efficient homes, contact a representative at https://shorelineparkcity.com/

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