A Guide to Adding A Home Office to Your House

August 30, 2019


Long gone are the days of the standard office job. With more companies offering opportunities to work remotely, and more people pursuing freelance opportunities, a home office can make a world of difference when it comes to productivity. A home office also offers more time at home to watch the kids, the grand kids, pets, and be with family. For tips and tricks on how to create a designated space for your home office, check out our guide.

Finding the Space

First things first: do you have the space? A home office doesn’t always have to be a spare room. If your square footage is limited, you may need to get creative. Repurpose a closet by removing clothes rods and installing electrical connections. If you require more room, identify a space that’s lightly used; such as guest bedroom or sitting room, or even a lightly used corner of your primary living space.

woman working from luxury gcd home office

Get Creative

If your home office will be in a room that serves a dual purpose, such as a guest room or living room, you can creatively organize the space to take up minimal room. Use an armoire for files, printers, and even your computer to be out of sight when not in use. This keeps the entire workspace behind closed doors, but when you need to get stuff done, simply pull up a chair.

woman working from gcd home office

Remember Comfort & Function

When getting creative with space, just because something fits doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. Lighting, space to write, and your seating arrangement are important to consider. For extra writing space, install a desktop that folds up into the wall when you aren’t using it. For lighting, make sure computer screens aren’t directly facing windows to prevent glares, or install curtains for when you need them. For your chair, find something comfortable that works with the space your home office is in.

woman working remotely from gcd townhome

Less is More

Once you have everything you need at hand, keep your workspace clear of clutter and items you won’t need for work. Store extra files, backup disks and equipment you don’t use everyday in another part of the home. Once you have your workspace organized and minimal, you’ll be surprised at how well it may work with your space. Plus, a cleaner workspace results in better productivity!

Whether it’s for paying the bills or working a 9-5, a home office is always a good idea. If you’re interested in upgrading your space in more than one way, a new home may be the solution. Our Shoreline communities are built to work with your lifestyle, without sacrificing clean designs and functional spaces. To learn more about us, contact a team member at https://shorelineparkcity.com

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