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A Guide to Keeping Houseplants Happy in the Winter

October 11, 2019


At Shoreline, we love our houseplants. They literally bring life to our décor, purify the air, and look good doing it. Summertime brought sunshine and warm windowsills – perfect for your little green friends. As winter nears, your plant might not thrive as it once did. Have no fear, we’re here to help with some helpful tips on keeping your houseplants happy in the winter.

Maximize Your Windows

As the days gradually get shorter, the amount of sunlight available does too. To make the most of the sunlight your plants can enjoy, move your plants closer to the windows and keep windows clean to let in as much light as possible. However, be careful not to move them too close! If your window is at risk of freezing over or developing frost, keep your plants at a safe distance so they won’t freeze.

Give Your Plants A Spa Day 

Your plants deserve a little extra love this holiday season. By wiping dust off of their leaves, your plants will be able to absorb light more efficiently. If you live in a colder climate, your humidity levels will dip as the temperatures do. Add a humidifier into the same room of your plants and turn it on as needed. Finally, if your plants are looking a little “under the weather,” feed them an organic fertilizer to put the pep back in their step (figuratively, of course).

Add Light Where Needed

If your plants are beginning to droop, they may not be receiving enough sunlight. You can install a temporary artificial light to help your plants through the darker winter months. It’ll brighten your plants, and your home if you’re suffering from less natural light too. Bonus Tip: Upgrade your artificial light to a heat lamp to keep your plants warm and cozy, helping them live even longer.

Adjust Care If Necessary

It’s a common misconception that if your plant is receiving less light than normal, additional watering can make up the difference. Too much water during the winter can cause a plant to rot; due to less sunlight, as less water is evaporating from the plant’s soil. If you placed a humidifier near your plant, your plants will need slightly less water, as they’ll be absorbing moisture from the air surrounding them.

As the seasons change, your routine at home should too. If you find yourself stuck in the same routine, it may be time for a change of scenery. Our Shoreline homes are award winning properties, built with quality and attention to detail awarding us the “Builder of Integrity Award” from Quality Builders Warranty. To learn more about our neighborhood, reach out to a representative today.

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