Best Activities to Do in the Winter

November 6, 2020


Sweater weather is here and our favorite fall foliage is being dusted with snowflakes. ‘Tis the season for toasty drinks, cozy blankets and fresh powder. We put together some of the best activities to do this winter, to be sure this season is full of magical memories for all.

Explore the Outdoors

Stroll through a winter wonderland and experience the outdoors in a new way. Looking for some new adventures this season? Try snowy day activities such as snowshoeing, skiing or snowboarding or even experience dog sledding. Our favorite mountain town has countless world-class ski resorts just down the road from the charming Historic Park City Main Street including Park City and Deer Valley. This year may be a little different on our favorite Utah slopes, so be sure to plan ahead before hitting the fresh powder. Check out Ski Utah for more info on navigating this year’s ski season.

Stay Cozy Indoors

Want to stay warm and cozy inside? Gather your loved ones for an indoor family game night with your favorite board game or puzzle. Fill your home with holiday kitchen scents by baking a new treat or a make recipe that has been passed down in the family. End the night-in by snuggling in blankets by the warm fire and enjoy the special time together as a family.

Random Act of Kindness

There is no better time to help those in need, especially in the winter months. Spend some time this season decluttering your home and donate unused items to a local charity. Volunteer at your local shelter or food bank to provide warm shelters and food for others. Discover creative ways to help those close to you as well by clearing a neighbor’s driveway of snow or buy a coffee for a person behind you at your favorite café.

Weather your looking to stay cozy inside or create new memories in a winter wonderland, there are countless activities to do this winter season. For a virtual tour of our spacious yet cozy Shoreline homes, contact us at

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