Best Places to Star Gaze in Utah

September 27, 2019


With the weather getting cooler, it’s the perfect time to soak up the final nights of summer. As Utah is home to vast natural landscape untouched by light pollution, the skies can be perfect for stargazing if you know where to look. Check out Shoreline’s favorite spots for seeing the stars for inspiration on where to go!

Antelope Island Skate Park

Antelope Island Skate Park has a Dark Sky certification, as a park that uses low lights and minimal pollution so gazers can easily see the stars. If you don’t have time for a long drive somewhere remote, this is the best place for a quick trip. Antelope Island is only an hour north of Salt Lake City, and lists Bridger Bay Campground as the best viewing point for constellations. In the summertime, look for “Draco, The Dragon” and “Sirius” in the winter.

Oakley, Utah

Oakley, Utah is a small town with an abundance of Northern Utah charm. Just east of Park City, this horse town is at the foot of the Unita Mountains and has the best star gazing at the Recreation Complex. It’s a bit cooler than most cities in the summer, rounding out at 48 degrees Fahrenheit in late summer, so bring a blanket and binoculars for the best viewing.

Capitol Reef National Park

While this location is a national park, it’s not heavily trafficked and the perfect place to enjoy stargazing, as well as daytime activities! Known for its fruit orchards, visitors can pick fruit in the daytime and search for the stars when the sun goes down. This park is also Dark Sky certified and the rangers have telescopes set up for viewers all throughout the summer. The best viewpoint according to the experts is Cohab Canyon, and the park itself is 3 hours south of Park City.

PC Hill, Park City

We may be biased towards Park City, but it seems like this city has it all! With its clear mountain air, outdoor recreation areas, and nature trails that lead you away from the city center, Park City has plenty of spaces to see the stars. For your trip, check out PC Hill as a 1.3 mile trail that features beautiful wildflowers during the day and bright, shining stars at night.

As the final days of summer come to a close, you may be wishing it was far from over. With a vacation home, your summer paradise could become a permanent vacation. In a town like Park City, the fun doesn’t end when summer does with endless winter activities and charm to look forward to in the coming months. If you’re considering enjoying Park City year-round, reach out to a Shoreline representative to learn more about how we can help you find your permanent paradise.

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