Creating a Pet-Friendly Home

September 25, 2020


Furry companions are our best companions, and that’s why they deserve some extra touches of love around the house. Check out a few tips to pet-proof your home for your favorite furry friends.

Keep Your Home Fresh with Pet-Friendly Fabrics

Whether you are a new pet owner or have had your furry friend by your side for years, you know that pet hair can cling to everything in your home. In addition to grooming your pet regularly, choosing fabrics such as leather, microfiber and canvas for in-home fabrics can allow for easy cleaning as well as keep your furniture looking and smelling fresh.

Grow Houseplants That Are Safe for Furry Friends

Not only do houseplants bring the beautiful green of the outdoors in, they can provide purified air for everyone including our furry best friends. Perfectly pet-friendly houseplants to enjoy at home include a spider plant, money tree, areca palm and boston fern. Houseplants that can be harmful to pets include aloe vera, lilies, snake plants and bird of paradise.

Create a Designated Space for Pets

Creating a comfy, designated space for pets not only helps avoid clutter of toys, but also gives your furry companion a special place to rest, enjoy meals or cuddle up for a nap. Tip: Want to create a space for your pet without sacrificing style? Consider a DIY or custom-made pet gate made to fit your space and better yet, your style.

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