Creating A Wellness Routine

February 4, 2022


Wellness is incredibly important. The only thing overlapping everything you do, is you. Whether it’s time, energy, money, or something else – investing in wellness is a necessity for a well-balanced life. Find out how you can begin or upgrade your wellness routine and take responsibility over your health and happiness.

Physical Wellness

To some, physical wellness looks like yoga or meditation each morning, or going to the gym after work each day. With the responsibilities of everyday life, it can be hard to find the time in your schedule. Starting small with minor upgrades to your existing lifestyle can make the world of difference; often preventing sickness and fatigue. Try out the following:

  • Drink a glass of water before your morning coffee, and add lemon for extra vitamin C.
  • Step away from your desk for a 10 minute walk each day, even if it’s just to the mailbox.
  • Be a smart snacker – keep healthy snacks on hand at home and swap the candy cravings for natural sugars in fruit.
  • Plan one big physical activity a week – hiking on the weekend, hitting the gym or biking to work one day.

Mental Wellness

Mental wellness activities usually gets pushed off to the side when your schedule gets busy, but it’s arguably the most important. Saving time for a daily mental break is crucial for maintaining productivity, motivation and preventing burnout. The trick to prioritizing your mental health is to diversify your methods and be realistic about what self-care looks like for you. Try any or all the following to find what work for you:

  • A hobby that doesn’t involve technology – reading, crafting, cooking or exercise.
  • Putting pen to paper – journaling, writing or doodling. No one will read, look or critique your work, so get creative and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes!
  • Daily affirmations and positive self-talk – It can feel silly but looking in the mirror once a day and complimenting yourself is worth it, building self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Personal hygiene – the best way to prioritize your mental wellness. Upgrade your bathroom routine with candles or music, nice products, or even just extra time. Having an hour to yourself to recenter and refresh can set the tone for a good nights’ sleep or a productive day ahead.

Prioritizing wellness is crucial for a productive and fulfilling lifestyle. Little things to your everyday routine can make a world of difference to your productivity, balance and happiness in all aspects of your life. Be careful though – start too much, too soon and it may not last. Add one item every few weeks to your routine and you’ll discover it’s more sustainable than you think. Lastly, take it a step further and upgrade more than your routine with a new address! Book a virtual tour now at

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