Design a Budget for Interior Decorating

August 6, 2021


Décor is a revolving door. With everchanging trends, seasons and styles, it can feel expensive and overwhelming. To keep your home fresh, updated and stress-free, check out these budget hacks to help you design a budget for interior decorating.

Plan Your Projects

With interior decorating the list of projects can be endless and daunting. Plan out your projects seasonally in a way that makes sense for your budget. Maybe you’re comfortable with one large project a quarter and one small project a month. Maybe you prefer one large annual project and several smaller projects throughout the year. Planning them out on the calendar will help you set aside money earlier, prepare for upcoming costs, and make steady progress on your goals.

Apps & Accountability

Budgets only work as long as you hold yourself responsible to them! There are many great budgeting apps that can help you create, track, and stick to your goals for the year. Once your projects are planned, create buckets for each project and add a little at a time to each one. By tracking both small and large goals, you’ll find little victories along the way that can help you stay motivated.

Repurpose & Re-Use

Give your old décor new life with easy hacks to help you repurpose instead of replacing smaller items. Small amounts saved here and there can be added to your larger savings for projects down the line. Instead of replacing your throw pillows, get a seasonal or updated cover for so they’ll seem like new! Bonus Hack: covers are also perfect for seasonal décor, being easier to store compared to full sized pillows when not in use.

Reselling Responsibly

If repurposing isn’t an option, an alternative is to sell or trade the item in your local marketplace or via social media. This allows you to either swap with another item or get extra cash needed to purchase something new. By reselling responsibly, you’ll be replacing your décor sustainably and send your item off to a new home.

A new home is a new chance to decorate and make it your own! Shoreline homes offer an open concept and modern design perfect for any décor style. Take a virtual tour of our communities to discover our floor plan options today:

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