Design Tips to Take Your Home to the Next Level

February 17, 2023

Redesigning your home doesn’t have to mean knocking down walls or adding costly furniture. Take your home to the next level with these design tips guaranteed to elevate your interior design and make your space feel new again.

Paint brushes and small open paint cans

Pick a Color Scheme

Try creating a color scheme to give a more cohesive look to your home. Elevate your décor by picking around three to five colors that complement one another. For an easy touch of color, utilize drapes, rugs, decorative pictures or vases to create that subtle color scheme guests will be sure to notice.

Make Use of Your Wall Space

Don’t underutilize your wall space! Adding decorative pieces to your walls can help tie the place together and create a much more elevated feel in your home. Hanging family portraits and artwork adds a touch of personality and makes the space feel welcoming. You might also consider hanging mirrors to help open your space up – this especially goes for rooms with few windows or with a lot of natural light.

Add Layers Throughout

Create layers in your home by adding throw blankets, pillows, curtains, rugs or shelves. This will help create more dimension, adding distinct areas and establishing more visual interest. Careful not to create clutter! Be mindful of new additions and make sure it isn’t taking away from your interior design. Be strategic about your layers and keep your overall vision in mind.

Try a New Coat of Paint

Another simple way to change the feel of your home is to paint the walls.  Try painting the walls one unified color or choose different colors that complement one another. Keep in mind that your wall color should be in alignment with any other color scheme you’ve chosen. Clashing colors will create too much opposition in your design, making your home feel more cluttered.

Move Your Furniture Around

A super simple way to change up your space is to move furniture around. Experiment by repositioning your couch, shifting chairs, or finding new spots for pictures to easily create an updated feel to your home. Map out where you want things to go to make sure you’ll have enough space to rearrange your furniture, saving you the hassle of having to move your furniture around more than once.

Utilize Contrasting Textures

When done right, adding juxtaposing textures creates more visual interest in your home. For instance, brick walls next to silk or velvet establishes a shocking contrast that will be sure to spark compliments from guests. Contrast can be subtle too! Try placing white objects next to bright colors to help them stand out or combining prints with softer elements.

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