Downsizing: Making Less Into More

August 21, 2020


Downsizing for retirement is not only the savvy way to go, it’s the best way to enjoy your new schedule, free of a work routine. Discover the advantages of downsizing and embrace the mindset of making less into more.

Less Environmental Impact

Downsizing into a new home gives you an opportunity to find a home that’s just right for you and also helps your surroundings by consuming fewer resources. Continue to reduce impact by walking or biking to local establishments. Enjoy the great outdoors and exercise, while lowering the footprint and showing more love to mother nature.

Lower Utility Costs

With less space, comes lower costs on utilities to power, heat and cool your home. Be sure to learn about your home’s Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index, which calculates a home’s energy efficiency and is the industry standard for assessing a home’s energy performance. At Shoreline, our homes proudly have a 49 HERS score, compared to the average of 100 for new home construction.

More Time for Leisure

Make the most of your free time by traveling to places you’ve always wanted to experience, checking items off your bucket list created over the years, and spending more time making memories with loved ones. Whatever you choose to do, always find time for the things that make you most happy.

Opening Up a New Life Chapter

As one long chapter of life closes, another exciting, new chapter begins. Enjoy every minute of well-deserved free time to do whatever your heart desires.

Our Shoreline homes are the perfect choice for downsizing and transitioning into retirement. With less stress and more time at our disposal, you can spend time enjoying the beauty of nature and the new chapter in your life. To learn more about our Shoreline homes, visit us at

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