Fishing Spots in Park City

July 22, 2022


With a landscape that transforms throughout the seasons, Park City is home to recreational fun 365 days a year. In the mid to late summer and early fall, the only thing better than the fishing in Northern Utah is the scenery that comes with it. Whether you’re looking to catch trout, salmon, bass, or perch, we’ve got a list of the best spots to visit this summer.

  1. The Provo River and The Weber River

Both rivers are rated as some of the best trout-waters in the United States, and the Provo River can be fished year-round. The Provo and Weber Rivers are home to a variety of trout species and are both considered blue-ribbon trout streams. Dry fly fishing or nymph fishing are the most popular methods in these fishing spots. Bonus Tip: You can find successful flies and techniques by talking to local fly shops in Park City!

  1. Jordanelle Reservoir

Next door to Shoreline, Jordanelle is one of Utah’s most popular flatwaters. Home to trout, smallmouth bass and perch, these waters can be fished year-round and offer 360 views of Hideout Canyon. Yellow perch are the easiest to catch using virtually any small bait, but more difficult bass and trout can be caught using jigs, crainbaits and anglers’ fishing baits.

  1. Rockport Reservoir

Nearby to Jordanelle, Rockport Reservoir is another popular fishing destination, located 15 miles east of Park City. As the weather gets warmer into late summer, Rockport’s shallow rocky areas attract smallmouth bass with deeper, cooler water hosting large rainbow trout, making this spot ideal for a variety of fishing. Beyond these two popular catches, discover a wide variety of species including yellow perch, cutthroat trout, brown trout, artic grayling and more.

  1. The Unita Mountains

Take a day trip up to the eastern part of the Unita Mountain range and find hundreds of small lakes and streams teaming with trout. These waters are only accessible during the summer, with the mountains beginning to open in late June until late September. You may not catch hefty trout here, but these waters are easy to fish and worth it for the scenery alone.

  1. Strawberry Reservoir

The Strawberry Reservoir is Utah’s most popular fishing water and isn’t far from Park City. Catch world-class cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, and kokanee salmon in any of the reservoir’s four major fishing areas: the Strawberry Basin, Meadows Basin, the Narrows and Soldier Creek Basin. There are also numerous campgrounds and day use areas to make the most of your trip to this popular fishing spot!

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