Holiday Storage Hacks

December 8, 2021


The most wonderful time of the year has come to an end. The lights are down, presents have been opened, and it’s time again to put everything away again for the next eleven months. Use these hacks to store your holiday décor like a pro.

Ornaments & Knickknacks

‘Tis the season for trinkets and knickknacks. Small, fragile items on display during the holiday season like ornaments, figurines and other decorative items require extra love and care. Storing these items away in bins with individual compartments prevents damage throughout the year, keeping them from moving around and hitting each other. Purchase ornament storage boxes at your local department store or reuse packaging like wine boxes, plastic apple containers or even egg cartons for smaller items. Bonus tip: For extra fragile items, carefully wrap each item in leftover wrapping or tissue paper. Not only will this keep your items safe, but it allows you to reuse something you may otherwise have thrown away!

Holiday Lights

Does your holiday season begin with the tradition or detangling string lights? This year as the lights come down, wrap them around an cord reel and say goodbye to knots and tangles. A budget friendly version of this hack is to wrap your lights around cardboard pieces, similar in size to a shoe-box top. This makes your light easy to store, and easy to unwind and hang next year!


To make the following holiday season less stressful, label your bins and boxes as you fill them. This way, you know where everything is and if everything is accounted for year after year. Used clear storage bins for easier identification, so you can quickly find your favorite decorations next year.

Garment to Garland Bags

Hanging storage can come in extra handy for holiday storage, allowing solutions for storing wreaths, wrapping paper, and other decorations. Using garment bags to store wreaths and garland, keeping them dust and smush-free, ready for the next holiday season.  Garment bags can also be used for storing wrapping paper. Just hang an empty garment bag and add in your rolls vertically, saving space and a trip to the store next year.

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