Hosting Friends & Family at Your Home Last-Minute

June 19, 2020


Hosting house guests last-minute? There’s no reason to stress! Check out these tips and tricks to get your home ready for guests in a flash. We’ve included a list of things to consider that can be easy ways to feel ready and prepared for your guests.

  • Leave little items like magazines, chocolates and fresh flowers for a welcoming touch
  • Provide extra pillows and blankets for guests for a cozy stay
  • Stock the bathroom with toiletries in case any items were forgotten your guests’ suitcase
  • Wash guest bed sheets and have clean towels ready in the guest closet for easy access
  • Place a sound machine in the bedroom to ensure guests have a peaceful night’s sleep
  • Light scented candles in the common areas prior to arrivals for a welcoming aroma
  • Stock up on snacks such as pre-cut fruit and veggies for easy healthy options
  • Leave out coffee and tea items such as mugs and sugar for all-day beverage options for any guest

If you can get some of these items now, to have on hand (for the SUPER last-minute guests) to avoid stressing in getting to the store in a rush, all the better. Overall, don’t just aim for the comfort of your guests, but follow these tips to be prepared ahead of time for peace of mind and comfort for you as well.

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