How to Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

August 20, 2021


We often long to experience new places, cultures and cities without fully appreciating the hidden treasures in our own backyards. Explore your city from a new perspective and be a tourist in your hometown. Check out our guide for inspiration on what to do!

Check into A Local Resort

In your hometown, you’re unlikely to ever stay at one of the local resorts or hotels. The perfect way to be a tourist in your hometown is to change your surroundings – book a room at the nicest resort in town! If the resort is locally owned, it may include history about your city you didn’t know before. A concierge can have recommendations for restaurants to try, and you’ll be able to enjoy a vacation on a budget without the added cost of transportation.

Hit the Tourist Spots

We often avoid the most touristy destinations in our own town because we’re “local”. Pretend to be a tourist for a day and check out the souvenir shops, popular restaurants, museums and more! What do travel guides recommend to people visiting your city? After some research, make a list of the hotspots you’ve never been and hit the road!

Take A Tour or Two

As in the name, tourists love tours. Because of this, there’s likely tons of opportunity for tours in your city – wine tours, brewery tours, haunted tours and more. Local tours offer an experience you can’t get anywhere else in the world! Book a tour of any kind and discover new spots and local history unique to your zip code.

Explore A New Neighborhood

Check out a neighborhood you’ve never been to in your city. Shop at a different grocery store than you usually do, get drinks at a new bar or restaurant with your friends, and explore the area! You may find your new favorite spot in town. If you’re well familiar with your neighborhoods, get a group of friends together and make a list of popular places you’ve never been and cross them off one by one!

The best hometowns have endless opportunities for adventure, good food and great memories – just like Park City! Take a virtual tour of our communities to discover our floor plan options and neighborhoods:

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