How to Repurpose an Extra Bedroom

May 19, 2023

It can be tricky designing the best use of the space in your home – with so many decisions centered around functionality and aesthetics, most are intimidated when it comes to how to repurpose an extra bedroom.

Or maybe you really want to redo this extra room but are unsure of where to start. Don’t let this extra space go to waste! Here are some fun ideas that’ll help you turn this room into a focal point of your home.

Home office table with lap top

Set up a Home Office

One way to make use of an extra room is to set up a much-needed home office. Nowadays, most people work remotely or work from home a few days a week. With the flexibility hybrid work gives us, it also comes with some additional issues, primarily around finding a space in your home where you can focus and get your work done.

If this sounds like you, setting up an organized home office allows you to dedicate part of your home to work and productivity. Just make sure to add plenty of shelves and other storage containers to keep your office nice and neat.

Make a Playroom for Kids

If you have kids, this one’s for you! Children can be difficult to keep up with, however adding a room made for play time can help declutter the rest of your home. Here, they’ll have their own space to be themselves and can store their toys and art supplies all in one place.

Add some fun splashes of color (think drapes, rugs, and artwork!) and make the room extra cozy by adding a comfy couch or chair. Be sure everything has a place to go to help keep things tidy.

Extra Closet Space

Tried reorganizing your closet but still finding it hard to keep it clean? Although it may not be the most exciting use of your space, you might want to consider turning your extra room into more closet space. A great way to keep the rest of your home organized, dedicating a room where you can store seasonal clothing, decorations, or other items you might not be using daily will help free up some space.

Or, you can turn this room into the walk-in closet of your dreams – either way, this will help declutter your current closet and give you some much-needed peace of mind.

Create a Home Gym

If you love to work out but don’t love going to the gym, creating your own home gym can help eliminate the need for memberships and time spent traveling to and from the gym. Although creating a home gym can be costly, start small. Once you’ve got some staple equipment you know you’ll use, you can begin to build up your home gym.

Make sure that the room stays well ventilated and that you have plenty of space, and voila! Your extra bedroom just became a convenient way to stay in shape.

Establish a Multipurpose Room

Although the living room is often the focal point of the home for gatherings, adding an extra room for games or lounging is a fun way to create more leisure spaces in your home. Here, you can design the perfect add-on to your home complete with board games, a TV, comfy furniture and more. This can be a great room to hang out in when you want some time alone to watch a show or read a book, or you could have the whole family gather around a table to play board games or watch a movie.

Regardless of what you add to the room, it’ll be fun to decorate and use it as another cozy addition to the rest of your home.

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