How To Welcome A New Pet Home

July 16, 2021


Whether they have four paws, fins, scales, or whiskers, learn how to welcome your new family member home with open arms and their own special space. No matter who you’re welcoming, discover our guide to welcoming a new pet into your home.

Prep & Pet Proof

No matter the animal you’re welcoming into your new home you’ll need to prepare your home for them. For curious companions like dogs and cats, you’ll need to make sure valuables are stored away from youngster who may be teething. For tank critters like fish, snakes and more, temperature control is the name of the game. Finding the proper location for your new pet is crucial for making them feel at home.

Stock Up on the Necessities

No matter what type of animal your new companion is, you’ll need to get the basic necessities to ensure a happy and healthy life for your pet. If you’re unsure what you might need, start by making sure your new pet’s basic needs are covered; food, water, somewhere to sleep, and something to occupy them. While it may not be everything they need, it’s a great place to start.

Outside the Home

Your community is just as important as your home for new pets. Make sure your neighborhood allows the type of pet your taking home. If your new pet needs exercise, locate the nearest walking trails and pet-friendly parks. If you have a backyard, ensure its fenced in securely and is a safe space for them to enjoy.

No matter who you’re welcoming into your home, pets are always welcome at Shoreline. With over 400 trails nearby, the Park City Area is perfect for all kinds of pet-friendly adventure. Take a virtual tour of our communities to discover our floor plan options and neighborhoods:

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