Indoor Gardening Tips for Utah Winters

October 15, 2021


Gardening doesn’t have to be an outdoor activity reserved for summertime. With these tips you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of nature inside your home, even when it’s snowing outside.

Plant Prep

Ensuring your plants survive and thrive through the winter requires the right preparation. Make sure your plants are in containers that allow room to grow but are not too large for them. Most plants require drainage holes to prevent the soil from holding excess water, so the pots and containers should align with your plant’s needs. If you’re hoping to grow specific plants, produce or herbs, research the needs of them to properly prepare their indoor home.

Strategic Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors for indoor gardening. There are two main light sources that will provide an adequate environment for your indoor garden: natural or artificial light. Natural light is perfect in the winter as the sun isn’t too harsh and provides bright sunlight. However, if your sunspots are limited indoors, artificial grow lights are the perfect substitute to keep your plants cozy.

Moisture Management

Not all plants are created equal – some need to be bone dry before it’s ready for the next watering, others require humidity year-round. Do some research specific to your plants and their needs and adjust your environment accordingly! Keep plants that require moisture near a humidifier, and plants that prefer dry soil in another area of the home.

Adjust Care If Necessary

It’s a common misconception that if your plant is receiving less light than normal, additional watering can make up the difference. Too much water during the winter can cause a plant to rot; due to less sunlight, as less water is evaporating from the plant’s soil. If you placed a humidifier near your plant, your plants may need slightly less water, as they’ll be absorbing moisture from the air surrounding them.

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