Keep Your House Free of Clutter

July 17, 2020


“A place for everything, and everything in its place.” A cheesy quote? Maybe. A practical proverb? Definitely. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to keep your house free of clutter.

Keep Décor Simple

Less decorations and less furniture means less mess throughout the home. Simple décor creates a clean, modern look and more open space can make it feel like a bigger home.

Organize the Junk Drawer

The first step of an organized drawer is to throw out items no longer used and keep frequently used items such as tape, pens and scissors. Utilize different size drawer organizers to tidy a wide variety of items to have readily at-hand.

Add a Decorative Tray

Find a decorative tray to hold items around the home like remotes and magazines in the living room or florals in the bedroom. Trays allow for a tidy, clean look while also being portable from room to room.

A home with less clutter and mess leads to less stress for you and your family. Our spacious Shoreline townhomes are perfect for you with an open concept and space for everyone for a clutter-free home. For a virtual tour of our homes, reach out to us at

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