Learn How to Declutter Before a Move

April 2, 2021


Decluttering is a great step to take before opening a new chapter of life in a new home. Not only can it save you the stress of needing to put even more things away, but it will save you the hassle of moving clutter from house to house.

Picking a Method

There are so many ways to go about decluttering your home. A major benefit of moving while decluttering is that you’re forced to pick up each and every item you own, giving you the choice to either put it in a box to give away or a box to bring to your new home. While packing up, rather than simply tossing your “giveaways” into one giant bin, organize them by type (for example: children’s clothing, dish sets, game boards, cleaning products) so it will be easier to properly donate or dispose of them.

Getting Rid of the Clutter, For Good

Boxing up your items isn’t going to be the final step. Make sure you don’t let those boxes and bins pile up for too long, as the longer they sit the more attached you may grow to not actually giving them away. There are many places to sell or donate your items online, including Offer Up, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist, where you can list your items individually or in bulk. The benefit of sites like these are that it gets your item into the perfect new home where it’s needed and wanted, versus collecting dust at a local thrift shop. If you’re looking to donate your items to charity, reach out to your local school boards or college campuses! Many of these educational institutions run quarterly drives for common household objects for students, staff, and their families.

Responsibly Disposing of Items That Cannot Be Donated

There are many items you may declutter that won’t be able to be donated or repurposed, including half-opened cleaning products, paint cans, dead batteries, and outdated electronics. Remember, it is very important not to just throw these away on your curb and it can even be illegal to do so in some cities. Visit your city’s website to learn about their household hazardous waste disposal programs. Often, they have a monthly site where you can bring items like this to be disposed of safely and properly.

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