Make the Most of Busy Mornings

December 4, 2020


Winter has officially arrived, and so have cozy mornings at home that make it harder than ever to get out of bed. Use these tips and tricks to get out the door this season – and fast!

Think Ahead

The winter season in Utah is magical. Snowflakes dance outside your front door and windows begin to frost up as the weather dips. Make a difference in your morning productivity by getting your car ready the night before a busy morning. Clear out all of those leftover cups and mugs, brush out the crumbs, and clear out any litter from the day before. By starting your morning commute fresh, whether that means the drive to school or work, you’re sure to feel ready to take on the day.

Make a List, Check it Twice

To-do lists are the perfect way to map out your busy morning. To avoid feeling overwhelmed with a seemingly endless number of tasks, use highlighters to divide and conquer. For instance, anything home related can be highlighted yellow, shopping can be highlighted blue, so on and so forth. Then, when you’re ready to complete tasks, you can do them in groups to be even more productive (and avoid multiple trips out in the snow).

The Most Important Meal of the Day

There’s nothing worse than diving into a busy morning on an empty belly. Those aches and groans can quickly interrupt your productivity! Plan and prepare your breakfast ahead of time by using Tupperware to collect freshly cut and washed berries the night before, lay out a few grab-and-go breakfast bars for your drive, or even test your creative side by meal prepping oatmeal cups or chia seed parfaits.

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