No Better Time – Spring Cleaning Season

April 10, 2020


It’s an unusual time we’re currently in with so much time at home and social distancing now a part of typical daily life. A lot of people are turning to DIY projects, self-improvement and one our favorites, deep cleaning! It’s officially spring cleaning season and we’re here to help with some of our best tips to help make those typical tasks a little easier and more enjoyable.

Out with the Old

When it comes time to begin your foray into spring cleaning, why waste time cleaning things you do not even want? Before you pick up a mop or slip on those gloves, go through as much as you can – clothes, accessories, books, food in the pantry, you name it. Sometimes, making piles can make this process the most efficient. Have one pile for things you intend to keep where they were, another pile for things you want to hold onto but store somewhere else, and a third for things you will throw away. Shirts that have not been worn in over a year will most likely never be worn this year (or the years after that). Free up the closet space and donate those items. Decluttering your home can sometimes feel just as rewarding as a deep clean.

 Disinfect Sponges in the Microwave

Many people weren’t able to get out and stock up on cleaning supplies with the craziness going on and only have one sponge for the entire spring cleaning binge. Did you know you can easily disinfect your sponge with a quick spin in the microwave? Squeeze out any remaining water and microwave the sponge on high for one minute. That’s it! If only every spring cleaning task was so quick and painless.

Reach High Spaces with a Broom

Crown molding + vaulted ceilings = tough to reach places that collect a fair share of dust. Before you bust out the commercial ladder and a rag, consider this trick. Place a towel on the end of a broom (the end with bristles) and use that extra height to reach those tough spots from the ground or a small step ladder. The towel should stay put on its own, but if necessary, affix it to the broom using a large rubber band.

Dust with Fabric Softener

For those easier-to-reach areas, consider using dryer sheets in place of expensive electrostatic cloths. Not only are these effective at swiping up dust, but they give the room a pleasant smell, too. When dusting any surface – and, in fact, any room – work from top to bottom. For example, start with the ceilings, then work to the ceiling fan blades, and finally flat surfaces like television screens and tables.

Clean Stainless Steel with Lemons

If hardwater stains are making your stainless steel faucets in the bathroom and kitchen look a little worse for wear, try this simple trick. Cut a lemon in half and scrub. You’ll see the hardwater stains and rust disappear before your eyes. Added bonus – get that clean, crisp citrus smell without all the chemicals!

Splash of Color

Once the mean clean is complete, you can stop there or you can go one step further and add some extra life to your abode. Set up plants in the corner of a room. Place a bouquet of flowers on the dining room table. Hang up some new décor on those freshly washed walls. Adding in these little pops of plant life and color can help brighten you room and prepare you for the new season ahead.

We love that residents take great pride in their Shoreline homes and we share with you in that pride of the community we’ve built. Don’t let dust and grime replace that feeling with an atmosphere that’s more drab than fab. Using the tips above, your home will be back to its light and shiny former self in no time. Learn more about how to maximize all of your Shoreline home’s benefits at

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