Organization Tricks to Declutter Your Home

March 18, 2022

Every homeowner has experienced the feeling of “how did I get this much STUFF?” Accumulating things over time is impossible to avoid but keeping your home clutter free doesn’t have to be. Prevent stress and save space simultaneously with these 10 organization tricks to declutter your home.

Kitchen drawer with kitchen utensils
  1. Use Drawer Dividers across the House: separate wooden spoons from whisks in the kitchen, socks from undergarments in the bedroom, skincare products from haircare products in the bathroom.
  2. Use Baskets in the Linen Closet: Utilize baskets for different types of linen, different sizes or use cases – one for hand towels, one for queen-sized sheets, another for guest or kid’s bedroom sheets, and so on.
  3. Store Spices Strategically: Store spices in magnetic containers and stick them to the side of your fridge or store them in the cabinet on risers to see each one individually.
  4. Organize Chords and Chargers: Use rubber bands or twist ties on all small appliance chords to keep them untangled and designate a drawer or cabinet for electronic device chargers including spare adapters, power banks, and more.
  5. Hanging Storage for Pot Lids: Screw a hanging magazine rack inside the cupboard to store lids for pots and pans. That way you can stack the pots and pans by size and keep the lids organized and out of the way.
  6. Find a Home for Floating Objects: Designate a spot for items that typically float around the home – remotes should always be on the coffee table or in a drawer nearby. Keep mail, keys, and receipts in a bowl or tray by the door.
  7. Sort Food Storage Containers: Use a dish rack to store food storage container lids vertically with the containers stacked next to it. This will make it easy to find the lid you need without digging through a pile.
  8. Try the 10 Minute Method: Each night, set a timer for 10 minutes to put things away. The intent is not to clean the entire space, but to develop organization habits and prevent clutter from building up.
  9. Store Children’s Toys in Bins: Children’s toys can end up everywhere. Bins are a terrific way to keep toys organized and out of the way when not in use. It’s also an easy way to teach the little ones early cleaning habits!
  10. Set Up a “Do It Later” Box: You might find yourself saying “I will do it later” when it comes to organization. This can create mental cutter, which can lead to stress. To avoid this, keep a specific box where you can put small items you need to sort, put away, or otherwise deal with later. Then, before you go to bed each night, organize these items so everything is in its place for the next day.

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