Smart Tech Upgrades for Your New Home

December 7, 2023

Welcome to the era where your home is as smart as you are! Smart technology is revolutionizing the way we live, making our homes more efficient and enjoyable. For new homeowners, whether you’re starting a new chapter as a couple or embracing the tranquility of retirement, incorporating smart tech into your home is a game-changer. Let’s explore three brilliant ways to make your life easier and your home smarter. 

Shoreline Park City Utah Townhome, Smart Tech Upgrades

Seamless Entry
Whether you’re going through the front door or garage, gone are the days of fumbling for keys. Embrace the future with smartphone-operated door access. Imagine arriving home, and with a simple tap on your phone, the door unlocks, welcoming you with open arms. This feature not only adds a layer of convenience but also enhances security. No more worrying about lost keys; your smartphone is your new, secure key to tranquility. At Shoreline, each home has insulated garages set up with smartphone-operated remote access, in addition to an outdoor keypad with battery backup. 

Intelligent Climate Control
Comfort is non-negotiable, and smart thermostats take comfort to a whole new level. For starters, they learn your preferences, adjusting the temperature to your liking and configured schedule without you lifting a finger. Just imagine a cozy living room awaiting your arrival in winter, or a refreshingly cool bedroom in the summer — all effortlessly controlled through your smartphone. Its comfort tailored to you. (Good news: Programmable thermostats come standard in each Shoreline home.) 

Voice-Activated Home Assistants
Meet your new best friend — your voice-activated home assistant. From turning off lights to reading you the news, these smart devices respond to your every command. For retirees, it’s like having a personal assistant. For newlyweds, it can be the secret to harmonious living. Ask for recipes, play your favorite tunes, or even settle debates with a quick internet search. Your home assistant is there to make life smoother and more enjoyable.   

Whether you opt for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or any other smart home assistant, all Shoreline rooms are pre-wired for media if homeowners want to install smart tech devices, with options for security and audio wiring.   

Your Smart Home Awaits
As you embark on this exciting journey of homeownership, you’ll want to find a developer that embraces how smart technology can turn your house into a home that truly caters to your needs. At GCD Shoreline, we understand the importance of creating spaces that evolve with your lifestyle. Our standard features make smart living a reality.  

Just as smart technology enhances your home life, Shoreline designs communities that grow with you. To discover more about our commitment to exceptional living, and for a virtual tour of our spacious yet cozy Shoreline homes, contact us at 

After all, your smart home deserves an equally intelligent community — welcome to the future of living at Shoreline.