Spending a Summer Weekend in Park City

June 11, 2021


The air is crisp, the sun warm on your skin, and adventure is waiting. Use this guide to spend a summer weekend in Park City, Utah.

Head to the Farmer’s Market

There’s nothing better than getting your groceries from the farms right around the bend. Visit Park City’s farmer’s markets to pick up your essentials, from eggs and breads to fruits and veggies.

Grab a Bite to Eat

If you didn’t catch a bite at the market, not to worry. Visit the city’s main square to get a taste from one of the city’s dozens of local bakeries and restaurants.

Take a Hike!

Grab those running shoes and a bottle of water, you’re about to take in the beauty of Utah’s wild nature trails. There are 55 hiking trails in Park City alone, ranging from 1.3 to 18.2 miles.

Head Up, Up, Up

You’ve taken in the views from the trails, why not take in the views from above? Take to the sky in a hot air balloon tour of Park City and Salt Lake City. As you ascend thousands of feet in the air, you’ll see the rugged skyline and lights of the city below.

Head to Your New Home

Spend the summer in a brand-new home by Shoreline. Overlooking picturesque Jordanelle Reservoir and just 10 minutes from Park City’s Main Street, Shoreline homes reflect the natural beauty of surrounding Hideout Canyon combined with the tightest and greenest modern construction. Learn more about our homes, today: www.shorelineparkcity.com

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