Spring Cleaning Hacks You Need to Try This Season

April 16, 2021


The warm weather is nearly here, and spring cleaning is in full swing! Once you’ve done a full sweep (literally) of your home, use these hacks to get your home sparkling in no time.

Get the Grime Off Your Cabinets

Oil, dust, and grease can quickly build up on your kitchen cabinets and may seem unnoticeable until you get up close. Help ward off allergy season by wiping down your cabinet doors, inside and out, the door pulls, and any backsplashes with a damp cloth and cleaning solution. If you have untreated wood cabinets, be sure to use a solution that won’t damage them.

Check Inside Your Trash and Recycling Bins

Cleaning a trash or recycling bin can seem redundant, but they are often the biggest harbor to germs, dirt, and grime. To clean, rinse out your empty bins (remember to clean your smaller inside bins as well as the bigger bins you leave on the curb) with a hose. Then, spray them down inside and out with your choice of disinfectant and give it a good wipe. Once you’ve rinsed them off again, leave them upside down to dry overnight.

Remember Those Reusable Grocery Bags?

While great for the environment, reusable grocery bags can start to smell if not cleaned on a regular basis. Fill your sink with hot, soapy water and soak your bags once a month for 15 minutes, then let them air dry upside down before storing them. Tip: Store your bags inside your car’s trunk so you always have them on hand while shopping.

Clean Those Curtains
It can be easy to remember to clean most fabric items around your home, like pillow covers, blankets, bedsheets, and even rugs. However, curtains are commonly forgotten when it comes to spring cleaning. Take down your bedroom, living room, and even shower curtains (including that liner) and follow the directions on the tag to give them a good clean. While they’re being washed, remember to wipe down the curtain rod to remove any excess dust and dirt, as well.

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