The Benefits of Buying New

June 5, 2020


It’s the classic home buyer’s dilemma – new or resale? Granted, both have their advantages, but if you’re considering a new home, you’re starting an exciting “new” journey!

One of the biggest advantages of buying new is no immediate maintenance, updating or rework costs and hassles. Existing homes usually come with some additional considerations that may need some attention. Framing, HVAC, water heaters, pipework and more are things that succumb to time and will need repairs eventually, but with buying new you aren’t spending money on those repairs for a while – you move in and you are ready to go.

The next advantage is a new home is going be more cost effective in terms of energy efficiency. From appliances to building practices, energy efficient homes have come a long way. If you have an older home, chances are your energy costs are also going to be higher. Check Shoreline’s Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) for reference.

Additional peace of mind comes from knowing the home will be protected by a builder’s warranty. Shoreline happens to have won some prestigious awards for quality building.

Lastly, a new home is your fresh canvas to build years of memories and moments. And what better place to start fresh than Park City, Utah? In our (very biased) opinion, there’s no better place! With breathtaking views, a location close to all the amenities of Park City, yet far enough away to qualify as, ‘away from it all’. Whether you’re looking for a second home, vacation home, or relocating full time, a fresh start is here waiting for you at Shoreline.

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