The Benefits of Simple Living

February 12, 2021


Living simply is a big trend across social media and blogs these days. But, what does it truly mean? Simple living encompasses a variety of lifestyles all meant to reduce stress, increase happiness, and make your home a place of clarity, peace, and comfort. Whether it means reducing the number of belongings you have or by incorporating more mindfulness into your life, discover a few science-backed benefits of simple living.

Better Relationships

According to researchers, when we reduce the amount of items we have in our home and spend less time on social media, we can focus more on building better relationships with friends and family. In turn, you’re building higher quality relationships that are more sincere because you’re not relying on the need to “impress.” An extra benefit of having strong relationships is reduced illness risk and better brain health, according to a Harvard study.

Better Health

A team from Knox College found a link between materialism and poor physical health and habits. So, in reverse, by having a simple non-materialistic attitude is positive for your overall physical health. In fact, the University of Sciences in Pennsylvania found that 90% of people who identified as living simply reported improved physical and mental health!

Better Focus

Do you have a hard time remembering where you put your keys, or maybe what you went to the grocery store for? Guess what, Princeton University has linked simple living to improved focus! To put it, well, simply, by having less physical and mental clutter, there are less distractions and more time to focus more carefully on what you do have.

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