The Benefits of Teaching Children About Cleaning

May 7, 2021


Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up! This tune has been sung for decades at homes, preschools, and many classrooms to help teach little ones to keep their rooms, desks, and toys tidy. Whether you have a neighbor, child, or grandchild in your life, discover a few of the benefits of teaching the children in your life about cleaning after themselves.

Chores Add Up

You are more than likely a busy bee, with a seemingly endless to do list. This doesn’t mean your little ones can’t help clean the messes they create, or even don’t create! By incorporating fun games (like a timed pick up) or songs, cleaning up can be a fun bonding activity that will reduce your stress and anxiety around the home.

Appreciation is Learned

When a child understands what happens after they create a mess, and the work it takes to clean it all up, they can learn to appreciate their items more and become more responsible. . That means stuffed animals surviving longer in between washes, less craft supplies (including those invasive piles off glitter) laying in crevices and across your floor, and overall –again- a cleaner home.

Breaking It Down

Children are an open book when it comes to consuming new information, skills, and ideas. That means by positively incorporating cleaning routines into their daily life, they can increase their motor, critical thinking, and communication skills. Whether it’s by helping weed in the garden or drying dishes with a hand towel, most children are eager to help and to learn.

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