Turning Your Guest Room into a Functional Space

June 17, 2022


Guest rooms come in handy when friends and family come to visit, but it can feel like wasted space for the other 90% of the year. Read below to learn functional tips to maximize your guest room year-round.

Functional Furniture: Beds

Multi-purpose furniture choices are the key to making the most of any space, especially a spare or guest bedroom. The largest piece in the room is the bed, but also the most important for the occasions you host guests. There are ways to minimize interference with the rest of the room without sacrificing comfort or convenience for your guest.

One option is a Murphy bed that can fold vertically into the wall or bookcase when not in use, opening the space significantly. If you don’t have the budget or wall space for a Murphy bed, a daybed will offer the same kind of convertibility. When guests are present, it functions as the perfect place to rest – or as a couch to pile your abandoned hobbies when guests are gone (we get it).  Some other cost-effective alternatives for limited space are a trundle bed, small sofa, or other takeaway beds.

Functional Furniture: Office

Depending on your lifestyle, your guest room may double as an office space. Similar to a Murphy bed, consider a folding desk that can be folded up against a wall or bookcase when not in use, or a rolling desk if the space allows. Both allow for a part-time office space that will not interfere with your guest’s stay or your workday. When guests come over, you can simply roll your workspace into a corner, closet, or even another room. Furniture choices make a big difference in an effective multi-purpose room.

Sneaky Storage

Although a guest room may seem like the obvious choice for overflow storage, doing so without structure can easily get out of hand (we’re talking to you – holiday decorations). One easy way to maximize your space is a platform bed or mattress that doesn’t require box springs. As mentioned above, the bed is the largest object in the room, and having the ability to the floor space underneath is essential. We recommend shallow storage bins paired with a bed skirt to keep the bins out of sight when not in use.

Seasonal Solutions

Another opportunity for your guest room is to use it as a place to store out-of-season clothing. By doing this, you can keep your main closet organized, and have a place to store items that are not actively being used. Another essential storage tip for your guest room is to have a dresser to store other seasonal wares – tablecloths, spare towels, extra wares and more. Tip: leave one drawer empty at all times for guests make themselves at home when visiting.

Minimal Design

When designing a guest room, many people prioritize comfort and style and forget to consider the functionality of the space. One multi-purpose example that we love is open shelving; it adds a design element to the space and creates dedicated spots for storage bins or accent pieces.

Guest rooms are known for being smaller than other rooms in the house, but they don’t have to feel that way. Use lighter tones and colors when decorating the make the room feel as open as possible. Darker colors can make a room feel smaller and less inviting. Bonus tip: add a mirror on any open wall space to give the illusion of a bigger room

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