Volunteer Opportunities in Park City

April 8, 2024

While Park City may be best known for its ski slopes and fine dining, the Utah town also has lots of worthwhile volunteer opportunities. Whether you’re a year-round Utahn, a snowbird, or just visiting the area, the following places provide great chances to give back. Here’s a helpful rundown.

panorama view overlooking park city, utah in the fall

The National Ability Center

Utah is known for its outdoors, sports, and recreation, and the National Ability Center (NAC) helps people of all abilities enjoy those activities. The NAC’s 26-acre ranch in Park City provides a wide range of adaptive recreation — everything from rock climbing to archery to snowboarding — with educational programs that focus on individual achievement. Many of these programs need volunteer assistants, as do the individual fundraising events.

EATS Park City

All kids need high-quality food. EATS Park City is a nonprofit that works with Park City’s school district and greater community to improve the food served in schools and at home. EATS offers cooking classes, community gardens, made-from-scratch meals, and more to fight food insecurity. Volunteers can tend the community gardens, work with students at in-school cooking classes, or help out with community events, to name a few.

Paws for Life Utah

Not all pets are born into good homes. Paws for Life Utah gives these pets a new lease on life. The organization has saved more than 12,000 pets since 2012, and offers numerous volunteer opportunities, both inside and outside their Adoption Center in nearby Heber City. At the center, you can walk dogs, socialize with cats, and help with general cleaning. Outside the center, the organization seeks volunteers to transport animals and become foster families, among other opportunities.

Park City Community Foundation

If you’re short on time but still want to contribute monetarily, the Park City Community Foundation is a great option. This organization connects donors to numerous local nonprofits. And its Annual Community Fund grant provides money and resources to more than 25 nonprofits in the area.

Finding Your Place in Park City

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