Welcoming Home a New Pet

December 16, 2022


It’s no secret that owning a pet is hard work. Although being a pet owner requires a great deal of responsibility, it can be incredibly rewarding for those who are ready to commit. If you’re considering welcoming a new furry friend into your home, we’ve compiled some things to consider before adopting the newest member of your family.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

Before adopting, ask yourself:

  • How permanent is your living situation?
  • Do you already have pets, and will new pets get along well with them?
  • Can I afford to take care of this pet long-term?

Some of the top reasons why owners give away their pets is because they have to move, can’t afford the cost of pet maintenance or have too many animals in their home already. Before adopting, be honest with yourself about the responsibilities that come with long-term pet ownership.

Do Your Research

Assess your current living situation and daily schedule. If you work from home or spend a decent amount of time at home, you’ll have more of an opportunity to care for and bond with your new pet. If you work long hours during the week with no one else to look after your pet, chances are their needs won’t be met. This especially goes for pets that are known to be social butterflies!

Do You Have the Space?

Pets like fish or hamsters typically don’t require a ton of space, but larger animals like dogs and cats need more freedom. Having a bigger floor plan or backyard space is critical to the health of your pets. Make sure your home is sizeable enough to accommodate your new companion.

Make Sure Everyone is On Board

Whether you live with family or roommates, make sure everyone is on board with the idea of a new pet. Adopting a pet undoubtedly changes the living dynamic as well as the daily responsibilities for everyone in your home. Your family, roommates or partner will likely shoulder some responsibility, so have those important conversations and see where everyone is at before adopting.

Find the Newest Member of Your Family

Decided you’re ready to start the search for your new furry friend? In Park City, there are plenty of adoption centers to visit in search of your new pet. Friends of Animals Utah – Furburbia located at the Tanger Outlet Center is a local rescue dedicated to finding animals their fur-ever home. Nuzzles And Co. and Sugar Face Foundation are also great options for pet adoption in Park City. Before adopting from a breeder, consider taking a trip to your local shelter and helping an animal in need.

A pet-friendly community with spacious floor plans, backyards and trails, Shoreline is the perfect place to welcome home a new member of the family (or old!). Take a virtual tour and discover your future home today at www.shorelineparkcity.com

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