Winter Maintenance Checklist

November 23, 2018


With winter right around the corner, it’s never too early to prepare for snow, ice and everything the cold weather brings. Make sure your home and cars are prepared for everything this wonderful season brings and check off all 5 things on our Winter Maintenance Checklist.

car with tire chains driving through deep snow

Prepare Your Cars

If necessary for your climate, switch to snow tires for the winter weather or add snow chains to your wheels. Keep the right car mat on hand to slip beneath your tires if you need extra traction in the snow. Make sure your ice scraper is accessible for when your car is unexpectedly buried in snow.

Make Your Own Ice Melt

To avoid slipping and sliding on sidewalks and your driveway this season, make your own ice melt at home! Combine half a gallon of warm water, 6 drops of liquid dish soap and 2 ounces of rubbing alcohol. Place in the mud room or foyer for easy access when you’re out the door.

cleaning ceiling vents in luxury home

Deep Clean Appliances

Before your appliances get quite the workout during the holidays, make sure they’re clean before you start cooking and baking to minimize clean-up after. Set the oven on self-clean, wipe down the stove hood and vent grilles, and vacuum the refrigerator coils. Pro Tip: To save time, put any metal components in the dishwasher!

Inspect Your Exterior

It’s always a good idea to regularly check your gutters, garage door and roof but especially important during the winter. Keep gutters and your roof clear of debris and fall foliage to prevent build-up and leaks, and get your garage inspected by a professional. A little preparation now can prevent costly damage in the future.

programming timer for christmas lights in gcd townhome

Better Safe than Sorry

If you’re traveling during the winter, plan for someone to house-sit for you to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. They can water indoor plants, bring in mail, and alternate lighting to keep your home looking occupied. If a house sitter isn’t an option, set socket timers for different lights around the house to keep them on or off at different times of day for extra security.

A little maintenance can go along way, especially in preventing costly damage down the road. Check off the items on this checklist and you’re good to go for the winter season. If you’re in the market for a new winter-wonderland to call home, check out Park City! At GCD, we’ll happily help you on the path to homeownership in our newest community, Shoreline, just outside of Park City. For more information and to reach out, visit

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